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Motion sensor porch light – If you have an existing porch light that works well, there is no need to replace it just because you want a motion sensor light. Instead, update your existing lamp so it functions as a motion detector light. Using a light sensor plug motion to turn your normal outside light into a light moving porch without the need to mess with any electrical wiring. Converting your existing porch light into a light from the motion sensor is as easy as twisting a light bulb.

Ideas of motion sensor porch light. Remove the light bulb from its entrance. Grasp the top of the bulb with a lint-free cloth between the skin and the bulb, and then turn the bulb to the left until it is free of the socket. Screw movement of the light sensor in the socket where the porch bulb was before. It has a threaded plug just like its bulb, making installation easy. Twist the light sensor moving to the right until it is firmly seated.

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Insert a bulb into the moving light sensor cap. With a lint-free cloth between the skin and the bulb, grasp the top of the bulb and turn it so as to secure the bulb in the cap. Turn on the motion sensor porch light switch and the motion indicator will activate when the sensor detects movement. Usually, it will turn off four minutes after the sensor stops detecting movement.

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