Great Solution To Enjoy Indoor Swimming Pool

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Cool Indoor Swimming Pool

Simultaneously the installation of pipes for the filling and emptying of indoor swimming pool is made. These pipes are placed laterally of the filling and in the bottom the one of emptying and they are covered with earth of the own excavation so that they are protected, while they leave registries for the maintenance of the same. The pool has a telescopic transparent polycarbonate cover, which is assembled to a steel structure with semicircular geometry.

The water in the indoor swimming pool is heated and the cover helps to maintain the temperature and use it when it is cold and once the heat arrives, as it is retractable it collects itself. The roof begins in the plane of the rear enclosure of the house, where there is a door to have direct access to the pool, between this door and the window a shower is designed to make the use of the pool more comfortable.

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The dark wood deck contrasts with the blue sky chosen for the tile that covers the pool. Finally on good days you can enjoy the indoor swimming pool completely, as the retractable roof slides to the far end of the house, picking up on itself and leaving the pool open. There is no doubt that this design is a great solution to enjoy the pool all year round.

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