Installing Round Porch Swing

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Cozy Round Porch Swing

Installing round porch swing can make the porch into a more pleasant space with a place to sit and watch nature, entertain guests or greet neighbors. More prefabricated porch swings come with a complete set of chains and hardware to hang. But even these equipment require some thought and planning on the part of the owner.

One of the biggest problems with hanging round porch swing bed is finding a spot on the porch with adequate space. The swing needs a lot of space in front of and behind it. The experts in this old magazine house suggest at least 4 feet of free space for the swing arc. The space below a porch swing should also remain clear for a sitter’s legs to hang freely. Spatial issues mean that a narrow porch may not have enough room for a large swing porch. And even a wider porch may need existing furniture moved out of the way to accommodate the swing.

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The round porch swing should hang secure enough to hold several hundred pounds. Or the weight of several adults and books, pets or children can carry on the swing. Then, find a beam that anchors hooks and support the weight of your load. And swing is a problem on some porches. The ideas of front web porch and more suggests locating a beam that is at least 2 x 6 inches. And then pre-drill the holes for eye screws that serve as hangers.

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