Small Front Porch Ideas Minimalist Decoration

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Small Front Porch Ideas – The porch is a space that increases the feeling of well-being in our homes, creating an area that allows us to enjoy the outdoors and nature that surrounds us. These simple open areas have a cover that helps protect from solar. Making the front porch a place to spend a pleasant afternoon in the company of family, without leaving home.

By extending the roof of the house, right at the corner of the main entrance. We can count on small front porch ideas that welcome our home. A simple design that is an integral part of the construction of the residence and contributes one more element to the formal appearance of the facade. In this example, we see a porch that is define by a level change, create by a platform that gives us access to the main entrance of the house. This simple idea for porch is easy to make and totally affordable.

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A very functional planning that gives a rustic style character to the porch house and can be building with ease. This is another concrete-base small front porch ideas that follow the extension of the roof of the building to form this space. Which is decorate thanks to the use of lattices, giving it a game of textures that give it a beauty that evokes the architecture of mid 20th century. The apparent wood structure gives a very rural and rustic air to this beautiful porch.

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